A successful behavior

A successful behavior is a gesture drawing fingeroainted on an iphone by Artmagenta
Tomorrow is the day when anything I do,
 will be a success

Some decisions are so difficult that they are never carried out

Difficult decision is a gesture drawing fingerpainted on an iPad by Artmagenta
I was going to have an orange or an apple for lunch
 - but I couldn't decide so I just took a glass of water

What is your dream trip?

The dream trip is a gesture drawing by artist and illustrator Artmagenta drawn on an iphone
This is my dream trip:
Going to Grandma for 2 whole weeks

I never miss the train, but I'm close to it every day

Chasing the train is an iPhone sketch by ArtMagenta
Chasing the train

Going home alone again

Line art by ArtMagenta
Another successful dating!

You should always have a style of your own

Your own style is an iPhone sketch by ArtMagenta
Girl in a probal DIY hat

Nasty things are happening in our world

Reading the paper is a gesture drawing by ArtMagenta.com
Reading the newspaper on the train

I must take on my newly purchased gloves

Line drawing by ArtMagenta
New gloves

My handbag contains everything but a handkerchief

Handkerchief is a gesture drawing by ArtMagenta
Looking for a handkerchief

They say you should count your fingers after shaking hands with him

Gesture drawing by ArtMagenta
Counting fingers

I won't lose focus of this problem until it is solved

iPhone sketch by ArtMagenta

This is like line dancing

iPhone sketch by ArtMagenta
- This is my running style.

If I only could remember where I was going

Losing memory is a gesture drawing by ArtMagenta
Being stressed make you lose your memory

The suitcase is not as heavy as it looks

The suitcase is an iPhone drawing by ArtMagenta.com
I just bought my suitcase so it's empty.

You have to watch out for them birds - they poop on you from the sky.

Bird poop is an iphone sketch by ArtMagenta.
Watch out for birds pooping!

Like a migrating bird I'm leaving this winter country

cold summer is a gesture drawing by Artmagenta
Even in summer it is winter!

Daydreaming is relaxing

Daydreamer is a gesture drawing by Artmagenta
Wendy as always daydreaming

The police took my license because I was driving too slow on the highway

She lost her drivers license
Linda was driving too slow