They say you should count your fingers after shaking hands with him

Gesture drawing by ArtMagenta
Counting fingers

I won't lose focus of this problem until it is solved

iPhone sketch by ArtMagenta

This is like line dancing

iPhone sketch by ArtMagenta
- This is my running style.

If I only could remember where I was going

Losing memory is a gesture drawing by ArtMagenta
Being stressed make you lose your memory

The suitcase is not as heavy as it looks

The suitcase is an iPhone drawing by
I just bought my suitcase so it's empty.

You have to watch out for them birds - they poop on you from the sky.

Bird poop is an iphone sketch by ArtMagenta.
Watch out for birds pooping!

Like a migrating bird I'm leaving this winter country

cold summer is a gesture drawing by Artmagenta
Even in summer it is winter!

Daydreaming is relaxing

Daydreamer is a gesture drawing by Artmagenta
Wendy as always daydreaming

The police took my license because I was driving too slow on the highway

She lost her drivers license
Linda was driving too slow

I feel good today. I planted a beetle in my brother's bed

Gesture drawing from

Putting a farting machine under the teacher's chair was great fun

Farting machine is a Gesture drawing from ArtMagenta.

Parking meters make me poor

parking meters is a Gesture drawing from ArtMagenta.
Debbie hates parking meters

Read the latest news about parking meters

Mobiles are too tiny for me

The phone is too small is a gesture drawing from
Either my fingers are too big
or the phone is too small

Oh my God, I think I won the top prize in the lottery

Gesture drawing from

This is my first day of everything...

Gesture drawing from
If you're young enough,
every day is a new adventure

I finally decided to go and buy myself a bike

Get yourself a bike is a Gesture drawing from ArtMagenta.
She finally turned smart:
Riding a bike is faster and takes less
energy than walking

My teacher is a fool

Gesture drawing from
If you lack knowledge you can
always blame your teachers

There must be a small coin for the street musician

Gesture drawing from
Always pay for what you get

I'm too warm today, feel like a nuclear meltdown

Gesture drawing from
Too warm!
Too much clothes?