You can call me Your Royal Highness

Gesture drawing from
A royalty

That's a man's hat for a tough lady

Gesture drawing with a hat from ArtMagenta
Lady with a hat

The trains are rarely on time

Gesture drawing from
If you're not sitting on the train -
you are witing for  the train.

I want to go to the pub, you to the movie - splitting?

Gesture drawing on consensus from ArtMagenta.
Let,s agree on something

Even dogs can be sensitive about peeing

Peeing dog is a gesture drawing from ArtMagenta.
- I can't pee if you watch me all the time!

I'll have a double lunch today

Double lunch is a gesture drawing from
Some people double dates, but I have a special relation
 to food, so I double my lunch.

I thought I'd stop giggling when I became an adult

Gesture drawing from
... but it got worse!

I'm dressed for a rainy day - so it wont rain today!

Dressed for rain is a gesture drawing from
Dressed in a rain coat

Today - at school - the teacher gave me all the wrong questions!

Wrong question is a gesture drawing from ArtMagenta
Nobydy can give the right answer
to a wrong question!

Today I can overcome any problems

Good attitude is a gesture drawing by Artmagenta
A good attitude

She looked over her shoulder

Being persecuted is a gesture drawing by Artmagenta
- I think I am being followed!